New documentary Trophy challenges the viewer on the commodification of endangered animals. It’s a thought-provoking film,

with Tom Hardy acting as one of the executive producers, and we spoke to co-director Christina Clusiau to find out more about the project. These exclusive images capture the power-house industries involved. Big game hunting, farming and conservation all play a part in Trophy and Clusiau talks us through what each of these stunning – sometimes tragic – photographs mean.

“Staff at John Hume’s rhino-breeding project de-horn a rhino. Rhino horn is a renewable resource that takes roughly 24 months to fully grow back. Mr. Hume is the world’s largest rhino breeder and has invested more than 50 Million US dollars in his rhino project. He currently is the custodian of over 1,500 rhinos, and fears that without legalization in the trade of rhino horn his project will come to an end.”

Inyoni Crocodile Estate, South Africa

“Captive-bred crocodiles are captured to be relocated to Mabula Pro Safaris, a breeding and big-game hunting ranch in Limpopo province South Africa.”


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