The 39th edition of the Citra Awards – the Indonesian Film Festival’s annual event to honor cinematic achievements – took place at the Novotel Convention Center in Manado, North Sulawesi

The theme of this year’s festival was “Beragam Itu Indah” (“Diversity Is Beautiful”) to celebrate the diversity of Indonesian films in various genres.

Former President Megawati Sukarnoputri attended the event, along with Didik Suhardi, secretary general of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Triawan Munaf, head of the Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf), and North Sulawesi Governor Olly Dondokambey.

Forty-nine films, consisting of 21 featured films, six long documentaries, seven short documentaries, 10 short films and five animated films were nominated in 22 categories.

The event was jointly hosted by actor and comedian Denny Chandra and Miss Indonesia, Kezia Warouw.

Citra Award Winners

Best costume: Gemailla Geantiana for “Night Bus”

Best makeup artist: Cherry Wirawan for “Night Bus”

Best sound editing: Hikmawan Santosa and Anhar Moha for “Pengabdi Setan”

Best music director: Aghi Narottama, Tony Merle, and Bemby Gusti for “Pengabdi Setan”

Best art direction: Ical Tanjung for “Pengabdi Setan”

Best art director: Allan Sebastian for “Pengabdi Setan”

Best soundtrack: “Kelam Malam” by The Spouse for “Pengabdi Setan”

Best child actor: Muhammad Adhiyat for “Pengabdi Setan”

Best film editing: Kelvin Nugroho and Sentot Sahid for “Night Bus”

Best visual effect: Finalize Studio, Heri Kuntoro, Abi Ldp for “Pengabdi Setan”

Best documentary film: Tony Trimarsanto for “Bulumata”

Best short documentary film: Wahyu Utami Wati for “The Unseen Words”

Best short film: Ruah for “Mabul Mubarak”

Best short animation: Fajar Ramayel for “Lukisan Nafas”

Best original screenplay: Ernest Prakasa for “Cek Toko Sebelah”

Best-adapted screenplay: Rahadi Mandra and Teuku Rifnu Wikana for “Night Bus”

Best supporting actor: Yayu Unru for “Posesif”

Best supporting actress: Christine Hakim for “Kartini”

Best leading actress: Putri Marino for “Posesif”

Best leading actor: Teuku Rifnu Wikana for “Night Bus”

Lifetime achievement award: Budiyati Abiyoga.


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